Why is the newsletter called "No Complaints"?

Because I like this poem by Dorothy Parker and because it makes for a handy sort of mission statement when you're making something total strangers can see.

Aha, but I have a complaint - can I send it to you?

It may surprise you to hear this, but you're not the first to make that joke. Try harder.

If you have something positive or useful to share, though, like this excellent gif of a man being punched in the face, here's how you send it to me.

What is the "compulsory medieval thingamabob" and why do you include one every week?

Because it's compulsory and because I find them amusing.

Why should I give you money to do this?

You shouldn't, if you don't want to! Please continue to enjoy the newsletter for free.

However, some readers wanted there to be a website where they could browse past editions and send them to friends who aren't subscribed, and websites cost money to host and maintain. Also, it does take a few hours a week to pull this all together, so if you'd like to chip in something, here's how you do that.