No Complaints #85: Suggestions, Songs and Snails

I've read a lot of excellent things in the past couple of days about what you can do, both to take care of yourself, and to begin the process of reversing the terrible events of this week. This is just one of them - there are plenty more, including this one that has suggestions for people based in the UK.

I've worked a lot this week, and I've cried quite a lot too, so I haven't read or watched or listened to anywhere near enough things to make a proper newsletter. I'll be back next week with a proper edition. Meanwhile, here are a few things that have briefly made me smile.

Things to listen to
All of Song ExploderThe songs of The Magnetic FieldsWooden Overcoats.

Compulsory medieval thingamabob

Love trumps hate. Even for snails.

The guest gif

Snails don't have pincers, Dan.