No Complaints #59: Tears, Tatum and a Turnip

This week, I fell down a tumblr-hole of Brief Encounter gifs and have barely made it out alive. 

Things to read

“Men who teared up were viewed more positively than any of the other groups – either gender of full-on criers or women who teared up. (It made little difference whether the women cried or teared up). Male criers who were described as ‘sad’ were also viewed most positively of the bunch, though there was little gender difference for the angry criers. The subjects also thought the women’s tears were less genuine.”

Here’s a depressingly inevitable sentence: “crying joins the list of things – make-up, raising kids full-time –that people look down on simply because women do them more”. Email to Pocket.


“I behold the wretch – the miserable monster whom I had help create. He takes up the entire screen; and this dick pic, if dick pic it might be called, is fixed on me. The veins throb, and it lurches forward disturbingly, while a single tear weeps from the tip. Your one hand is stretched out, seemingly to grip him, but I avert my eyes and delete the image.”

Mary Shelley (and others) respond to your dick pic. Email to Pocket.



“Within minutes of seeing Crosson’s vine, the First Lady was in FDR’s Map Room, filming her response. ‘Turnip – for what,’ she deadpanned into the camera, a glorious purple and white root vegetable in hand. The bass dropped and Mrs Obama closed her eyes, bouncing to the beat.”

Michelle Obama is really good at Vine, and other sentences about power in the twenty-first century. Email to Pocket.



“I am joking and I am not. It takes a lot of time to read a book. You spend a tiny but measurable portion of your life doing it. You sit with the psychology of a book, even when it’s not in your hands and in your eyes. So how much would it be worth it to me to read a book I don’t really want to read, one that is even disempowering to me and other women? Well, I have a price list laid out in my Kickstarter.”

This woman is crowdfunding herself a stipend in order to read the novels of Jonathan Franzen. Email to Pocket.



“The role should have been thankless. Even in Shakespeare's play, Duke is the boring, square-jawed aristocrat stuck between two far more interesting women who both fall in love with him because ... I don't know, probably the square jaw thing. But as has since become his trademark, Tatum took the role and ran with it, giving Duke depth and a real sense of humor beyond ‘soccer star with a decent face’.”

How Channing Tatum became Channing Tatum. Email to Pocket.


Things to listen to

Alice Isn't Dead, the new production from the people behind Welcome to Night Vale, has been my chief listen in what was quite a busy week. There's only one episode out so far, but it's spooky and strange and very textured, so I'll certainly be listening to the rest. We dissected it in more detail on SRSLY, if you fancy a bit of podception.

Things to watch

In case you were wondering, British politics is mostly briefcase-based.

I still <3 Detectorists.

TED, taken down in TED-form.

Compulsory medieval thingamabob

Birdman (before Alejandro González Iñárritu).

The guest gif


THE END. See you next time*!
*Next time will probably be next Friday. If you want to suggest things I should include in the next one of these, please do reply and send me links.