No Complaints #63: Death, Dolphins and Dowries

Of the two “big” deaths this week, you can probably guess which one got to me more. I’ve watched this approximately a thousand times, and I well up at “have a rollerblind with scalloped edges...” every time. Not really related, but I also wrote about the first time I read a detective story this week (if only that day had never come, I might have grown up into a more productive adult...).

Things to read

“Other animals can straddle the boundaries between sleeping and wakefulness. Whales, dolphins, and many birds can sleep with just one half of their brains at a time, while the other half stays awake and its corresponding eye stays open. In this way, a bottlenose dolphin can stay awake and alert for at least five days straight, and possibly many more.”

I just moved house, you see, and am sadly not a dolphin. Email to Pocket.

“It was only when I became a standup myself that I truly appreciated how good Victoria Wood was. Her writing is so specific and detailed that every word counts. She wouldn’t go on stage and wing it; she knew exactly what she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it. And by watching her she taught me a valuable lesson: that things could be funnier if you changed a word, or a descriptive term. ”

I'm not crying. You are. Email to Pocket.


“This was a very good income but did it make him wealthy? I find it difficult to make the case that he even managed to break into the ranks of the minor local gentry in the moderately-sized town of Stratford-upon-Avon. This is most obvious in the marriages of his two daughters (and co-heirs), Susanna in 1607 to John Hall, and Judith in 1616 (at the unusually ripe age of 31) to Thomas Quiney. Susanna’s intended was a physician and was just about qualified to style himself a gentleman, but he was a second son and brought nothing with him in terms of tangible assets. Judith’s husband was the third son of a mercer who failed to settle any money on his bride at the time of the marriage, nor apparently afterwards. These would not be the sort of marriage partners thought appropriate for the daughters of an aspiring gentleman.”

How rich was Shakespeare? Well, he never saw any of the TV adaptation money, for starters... Email to Pocket.


“I’ve often wondered what Kardashian’s gums look like close up. Does she have the same little blonde spirals of hair on her neck that I do? What do her toenail clippings look like? I’ve no idea because she is in control of how I see her, and yet part of me wants to zoom in more. Then part of me wants to examine why on earth I do, and so on it goes, and I’m still thinking and talking about Kim Kardashian.”

All of this “You Asked Google” series is quite good, but I particularly liked this one. Email to Pocket.


i’m just going to be honest with you

Still good. Email to Pocket.

Things to listen to

There's a live album on Spotify, and YouTube is pretty well-equipped. You know what to do.

Things to watch

How Vienetta gets made.

Look at her go.

He prefers his own last Rolo.

Compulsory medieval thingamabob


The guest gif

Story of my week.

See you next time*! *Next time will probably be next Friday. If you want to suggest things I should include in the next one of these, please do reply and send me links.