No Complaints #94: Macaulay, Merkel and Meg

Slightly truncated edition today, because I am in A Rush. If only the news would just stop for a little bit. . . No, actually, let's not go down that road right now.

Things to read

“A few days earlier, I had debated spending $200 on a marabou feather robe to swaddle myself in luxury as a way to feel loved and cared for, but, after talking to Coco, I decided to hold off on the purchase. The next day, I walked to a grocery store and bought one piece of every citrus that looked to be in season. I walked home with a perfect Meyer lemon, a tangelo, a cara cara orange, and a grapefruit. Over the next few days, I slowly peeled a piece of pretty fruit and ate it, or I sliced it and added it to a glass of water, which I drank while getting dressed in the morning. The savoring became a comfort and felt extravagant in a way I hadn’t anticipated.”

Excellent, and very timely, piece about materialism and that so-disputed term “self-care”. There was also a good discussion about this in Emily Reynolds' newsletter today – I recommend that you sign upEmail to Pocket.


“Reflecting upon the city from its highest point is a jarring experience, inflicting in me a kind of motion- or sea-sickness even though we are on solid land. Steam rises from vacant hot tubs. Wind whips against both sides of our faces. Mist crowds the protective barrier and leaves the city opaque, our only clear sight the dark blanket of sky around us. After a few moments, the expansive view begins to feel stifling, like I might choke on all the atmosphere, or suffocate from a lack of oxygen. We are at the top of the world, but we are alone. We can see everyone, but no one can see us.”

I once spent seven hours in Dubai while they were building the Burj Khalifa. It’s a really, really weird structure. Email to Pocket.


“Looking at baby Dwayne – the actual boy on the cover of Hot Boyz’ 1997 album Get It How You Live! — few could have predicted the chain of events that would lead us to Carter III. At the time, I compared its unlikeliness to Macaulay Culkin somehow becoming the greatest actor of his generation. But it’s appropriate a child star would blaze a me-first path only a kid at heart could understand. Wayne created a new paradigm for an internet age, championing first-thought, best-thought frequency and data dumps of content. ”

Absolutely superb piece about Lil Wayne. Email to Pocket.


“For months I have been looking, again and again, at a single video. On July 15, 2015, Chancellor Merkel visited the Paul Friedrich Scheel school in Rostock. The visit is famous for a conversation the chancellor had with a fourteen-year-old girl, Reem Sahwil, whose family migrated, in 2011, from Lebanon. Reem’s first language is Arabic. Her German is fluent. At a certain point, the girl, who has been living in Germany for four years, begins to cry. She has always felt welcome in Rostock, she says, but she cannot feel certain of her future. She wants to stay, like her classmates and friends, in Germany. ‘I understand that,’ Merkel says. The chancellor goes on, to a careful, gentle, serious, explanation of what must be considered. Not everyone can stay, she says. Germany cannot accommodate all the people in the world who are in the direst straits. There are many problems. Between six thousand and seven thousand children have arrived, for instance, unaccompanied by family. Decisions will have to be made. Suddenly, the chancellor stops – interrupting herself in midsentence. ‘Ach, Gott,’ she says. (Or ‘Ach, komm.’ The sound is not that clear.) Then the camera, which has been on Merkel, follows her as she walks straight to the girl and leans over her to comfort her. Discussion in the classroom resumes.”

A very thoughtful essay about immigration and refugees in Germany. Email to Pocket.


“Literally no one’s favourite ‘little woman’ is Meg. This is because Meg is the most womanly of the little women, and no one actually likes women. Meg is mom jeans. Meg is minivans. Meg is Hillary Clinton.”

I actually quite want to be Meg now. Email to Pocket.


Things to listen to

I have found the US call-in show Indivisible thought-provoking this week, and Pod Save America actually made me laugh. I wrote about why here.


Things to watch

This section will be back next week when I have time to watch some things.

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