No Complaints #110: Peggy, Pubs and Pools

I got a lot of very nice replies last week from people saying how much they appreciated links to things that weren't related to All The Bad News. I'm glad to have helped in some way; here's some more.

Things to read

“On weeks when I wasn’t working, I went to a Wetherspoons near my house to apply for jobs. Limitless refill coffee saw me through to lunchtime, and then a soup and half baguette for £2.30. The pub had the atmosphere of a barely-maintained care home mid-morning. I stared in appalled awe at the elderly Irish men who congregated each day, faces livid with booze. I remembered stories my dad had told me about men in his hometown who had moved to London and failed to find regular work. They lived in abject poverty in shared bedsits, but when they came home for a visit to Ireland would scrape together enough to buy drinks for everyone at the bar – they so badly wanted to pretend they had made it. What was going to happen to me?”

A beautiful essay about Ireland and London and love and Wetherspoons. Email to Pocket.


“Our interview is one of her last publicity commitments for the show and it's been a long day already, but Moss is energetic and emphatically, almost comically, kind. She asks if I'm sure it's okay that I'm buying her a drink (a Moscow Mule with Grey Goose; I have another Campari, heavy on the soda) and she positions my recorder carefully to make sure it's capturing our interview, checking several times to make sure it's still working. Eventually, she insists on holding it on her lap. ”

Elisabeth Moss: kindest interviewee ever? Email to Pocket.


“I have another part-time job that nobody knows about. It doesn’t pay very well because … well, technically my ‘boss’ doesn’t actually know I hired myself to do the job. But whenever he decides he needs me, I’m certainly ready and waiting. You see, when it comes to the aesthetics of Wes Anderson movies, ol’ Wes and I are like two peas in a pod.”

Just hire this woman, Wes Anderson, she is great at this job already. Email to Pocket.


“Swimming pools serve as a repository of symbolic meaning in the movie world. A glamorous but attainable status symbol, their popularity at home soared in the second half of the 20th century. So too did their appearance on cinema screens. A year after The Graduate forever connected the swimming pool to the malaise of the well-off, Frank Perry’s The Swimmer, a deeply eccentric adaptation of John Cheever’s short story, was released. In it, a spry Burt Lancaster (always brilliant at corn-fed American masculinity gone slightly to seed) challenges himself to swim across a series of his neighbours’ backyard pools. He thinks they form their own sort of ‘river’ on his way to his house.”

This is the kind of film trend piece that I exclaimed "YES I've noticed that too" all the way through. Email to Pocket.


“Fetishisation of “teen girl” cultural value has led to an unnerving and ever-increasing sense that a teen girl is somebody an adult woman might want to be. Mirroring this insult to teen girls’ experience is the implication that adult women cannot ever become full adults. This insults all of us, suggesting that personhood for women lies in some fantasy infantile state: never a child, never an adult.”

I feel a bit “hmmmm” about this piece (I used to be a teenage girl, and I don't want to be one again) but it's interesting none the less. Email to Pocket.


Things to listen to

Lorde’s new album!
This is the only thing I want to listen to at the moment. My thoughts are not very fully formed right now, but I just know it's music I'll be listening to ten years from now. Also – craven plug alert – we're going to talk about it in detail on the next episode of SRSLY so subscribe now.

+ Podcast-related reading: Helen Zaltzman did an interview describing her desk/software setup, and it's delightful.


Things to watch


Studio Ghibli in real life.

Inside an ancient Japanese hotel.


Things to attend

This is where I put details of upcoming IRL things I’m doing:

9 July, London – The next SRSLY pop culture quiz is all about Game of Thrones, and is already sold out. HOWEVER, there is a waiting list you can join here and if there's enough demand we'll add another date.

5 August, London – Anna and I are doing our first ever live SRSLY episode at the ShoutOut Festival - an event dedicated to the celebration and discovery of diverse podcasts. Buy a ticket for the whole day, and see us as well as lots of other great shows like Another Round and Mostly Lit.

17 September, London – We're also part of the line-up for the 2017 London Podcast Festival at King's Place. Tickets for our show are already on sale.


Compulsory medieval thingamabob

Monkey scribes ftw.

The guest gif

Waiting for the weekend like.

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