No Complaints #114: Fonts, Faff and Food

Let's just get on with the stuff this week, shall we?

Things to read

“I put the computer on. I won’t look at the news. Just a quick check of the emails then. Shit it. Loads. All wanting fiddly things. The name on my passport? Eimear McBride. Which train do I want to Stansted? The 14.20 would be great, thank you. Are you around this week for an interview with our local paper but they’re not sure when exactly? Yes, probably. Actually they can’t do it this week, can they get back to you? Yes. We’ve had a think about it and decided it’s not convenient to do an event with you at our bookshop but see you some other time, yeah? Yeah.”

Eimear McBride deconstructs the the idea of writing about writing, while writing about writing. Email to Pocket.


“Over the last six years I have lost my father. Not in one fell swoop which anyone can dispatch a wreath to. No, in tiny incremental steps. His brain gradually eroding. My already tiny family unit retracts hourly. Over these years, the only place my dad has agreed to eat at is the local Wetherspoons, close to his Lake District home. No faff, no fuss. By turn, I am majestically au fait with the big flappy menu. You know where you are with a Wetherspoons. And as time has gone on, I’ve been grateful for the fleeting moments, sat eating Balti on Curry Club Thursday where both of us know where we were. ”

Grace Dent on the reassuring, nuturing quality of a good chain restaurant. Email to Pocket.


Incredible news from Pakistan, where a dispute about the origin story of a font is threatening to collapse the government. Email to Pocket.


“Inevitably, Gould’s quirks – mumbling in the background on his albums and playing at tempos that he thought correct, regardless of a composer’s wish or orders – earned him detractors, some of whom assumed he was being intentionally bonkers, possibly for marketing reasons. But Gould believed that 'the only excuse we have for being musicians and for making music in any fashion is to make it differently – to perform it differently, to establish the music’s difference vis-à-vis our own difference', and he hated the fact that he involuntarily hummed along when he played, saying: 'It’s a terrible distraction; I don’t like it. I would resent any artist whose records I bought indulging themselves that way and I don’t see why anyone puts up with it.'”

A clever, lovely look back at the work of the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. Email to Pocket.


“It’s totally cool that you got your whiskey on the rocks, but just so you know, you should really taste it neat first, then maybe add a bit of water. Where was I? Oh. So, when Quentin Tarantino was making The Hateful Eight, the script leaked. He said after that he was going to write it in the form of a novel instead of a movie, and I have to say that was devastating. It turned out fine, though, because he changed his mind. Then they released it on 70-millimeter and that was just, like, a religious experience for me. I know a lot of people don’t care about that sort of thing, but I’m just, like, a purist.”

An Oral History of Quentin Tarantino as Told to Me By Men I’ve Dated. Email to Pocket.


Things to listen to

This week, a mixed bag of podcast episodes I've enjoyed recently. (You can get more like this weekly on my Patreon.)

1. Desi Geek Girls - Fansplaining

2. The Kesha Spesha - Unbreak My Chart

3. She's Running - Call Your Girlfriend

4. That Beat, That Beat Right There - Mogul

5. My Brother's Wedding - Not By Accident (this show is back from hiatus, and I'm so happy)


Things to watch

Yes, God, Yes, a short film from the co-writer of Obvious Child.

This video made the British internet so angry this week, and it was glorious.

(PS, I have been to the restaurant featured and it was not all that. Their portions are too small for what they charge, imo.)

What does "Kafkaesque" actually mean? Important knowledge in today's news climate.


Things to attend

This is where I put details of upcoming IRL things I’m doing:

5 August, London – Anna and I are doing our first ever live SRSLY episode at the ShoutOut Festival - an event dedicated to the celebration and discovery of diverse podcasts. Buy a ticket for the whole day, and see us as well as lots of other great shows like Another Round and Mostly Lit.

17 September, London – We're also part of the line-up for the 2017 London Podcast Festival at King's Place. Tickets for our show are already on sale.

Compulsory medieval thingamabob

Rabbits, besieged.

The guest gif

My idol.

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